Western Favors

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Flurry Bride and Groom Pen

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Fairytale Love Quote Playing Cards

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Handcrank Musical Box

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Clear Diamante Wedding Band Keyholder

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Blue Diamante Wedding Band Keyholder

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On another side of the page, we offer you Western style wedding favors to suit the fancy of your Western style wedding. The more universal of the color white comes to mind here, a trend passed down by Queen Victoria in 1840 when she appeared in her wedding to Prince Albert wearing a white wedding dress. Complemented by modern touches, our Western wedding gifts will sure amaze your guests at the bridal shower. In addition to being “thank you” gifts, they also have their practical uses. For example, our Flurry Bridge and Groom Pens serve as cute reminders of your wedding to your guests, write on the page and are decorative items for bedroom tables when not in used.

To name another example, “Our Wedding” Juice cups double as beverage holder and decorative item for your guests. In conjunction with the color white, and long-held notion of purity, our range of Western wedding favors display a classier look and feel. They are excellent high-class gifts to give away to your wedding guests.

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