Practical Favors

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Neck Pillow

SGD 1.92 Details

Golden Brocade Glass Photo Coaster

SGD 1.65 Details

Flurry Bride and Groom Pen

SGD 2.60 Details

Baby Prince Flamingo Pen

SGD 2.60 Details

Bride Piggy Coin Bank

SGD 1.78 Details

Strawberry / Lemon Stripe Sundae - Towel

SGD 1.30 Details

Ivory Wealth Portrait Guest Book

SGD 31.53 Details

Maroon Wealth Portrait Guest Book

SGD 31.53 Details

Bronzy Hong Bao Box

SGD 38.39 Details

Bronzy Portrait Guest Boox

SGD 31.53 Details

Star Stainless Steel Bookmark

SGD 1.51 Details

Stainless Steel Crown Bookmark

SGD 1.51 Details

Handcrank Musical Box

SGD 3.43 Details

Love Portion Honey Jar

SGD 2.33 Details

Silk Rose Petals

SGD 3.43 Details
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Society is being so practical in everyday living. It is wondering you want to choose more practical wedding favors to go along with the flow of the century. Not only are our wedding favors nicely-designed and decorative, they also serve some usefulness in everyday life. From pens to cups and mugs with wedding designs, photo-frames and holders, piggy banks, table coasters, key chains, etcetera, we have a paradise of wedding trinkets to delight your guests while reminding them that life can be both practical and imaginative at the same time.

For example, our coin bank wedding favors come in various cute designs. They give you or your guest’s table decoration and at the same time an opportunity for savings, a daily reminder to pop in a penny and watch your stealthy wealth grow for a little financial health.

If the kitchen appeals more to you, then pair off a wedding mug or cup with a table coaster, and stir your daily bliss with our cutesy cocktail stirrer. You could give this set of gifts to your guests too; they will remember your marriage for years to come every time they drink something in the morning.

Whatever your gift is, nothing delights your guest further than knowing he can put your gift to practical uses, yet has a little keepsake to remember you by.

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