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Golden Brocade Glass Photo Coaster

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Peacock Design Bottle Opener with Magnet

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Our Journey Cork Coaster (2pcs)

SGD 2.23 Details

Our Journey Cork Coaster (1Pc)

SGD 1.53 Details
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Our wedding coasters and wedding bottle openers are perfect complements for your kitchen. Besides adding a special moment of remembrance for your wedding, they also come in practical use: our bottle opener for beer and cans, and our coasters to serve beverages for guests on. Our wedding coasters ease into home décor with Oriental or Perfect Moment designs, as do our bottle openers imprinted with happy couple designs on them. If your household is Oriental, the Oriental coaster fits immaculately into your home ambience. If you are not, it will still add a nice touch of Chinese culture to your décor. 

If you are feeling more celebratory, serve your guests with our cupcake coasters: relive that wedding toast again, and again, and again. Our coasters are just the perfect trinkets for your guests as reminders of happy moments.

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