Peranakan Wedding Tea Cups


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The nuptial tea ceremony is always present in Peranakan weddings. The newlyweds kneel before their own parents and in-laws, relatives and siblings, and offer tea to them for the upbringing and benevolence the elders have shown them. To keep in trend with this culture, we carry Peranakan wedding tea cups for you to playfully remind your guests of the Peranakan way of marriage, even if you do not hold your wedding the Peranakan way. The tea ceremony is a ceremony of respect lasting from ages ago till the modern times. As such, we hope that with our Peranakan tea cup, you and your guests will be reminded of the profound solemnity and meaning of marriage for years to come. It is also good for display in a cupboard together with other ornaments, tea sets, or simply kept for serving tea to your honored guests.


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