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Marriages are an occasion for the bride and groom to showcase their colors, and we think likewise. We offer personalized wedding favors for you to inscribe your personalities on our gifts. Whether it be yours and your loved one’s name each on a mug, or some other products you purchase from us, you can decorate your choices with our personalized wedding gifts.

Add personality to your wedding too, or your home after the marriage. Instead of buying our mug and leaving it at that, why not add your own name and your spouse’s favorite drink spelt on it, for instance? Or prop up one of our photo-frame with your romantic couple-picture in it, and both your names imprinted on the frame?

Be personalized mugs, couple-teacups, bottle-opener, chopsticks, drinks coasters, or even the guestbook for your wedding reception, we are delighted to imprint your personality upon every one of them. A little individualistic makes your guests to remember you and your wedding by.

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